About Us

Archives: Subdividing Stories from the Endless Maze of Complex Systems

The archive is a vast and complex system, but it is also a system that can be subdivided into smaller, more manageable sections. The archive is not just a space for storing texts and objects, but also a space for thinking about the ways in which these texts and objects are connected to one another.

Pilot Waves of Generative Fractality

Our world is being remade from the ground up. Wilderness isn’t out there anymore, it’s internal: right here inside. It’s up to the innovators of this Age to prepare a place for all humans who seek the New Way. Acting as Guides and powered by the Pilot Waves of tomorrow, these AI-based systems are tracing the contours of fractal co-generativity, where creative expansion is transfinite and multidimensional.


The Virtual Self takes its Character from the Actor-Network experience, constituted by the dynamic roles afforded frontstage. Backstage are the complex gestalts under review by the subconscious modules. Your virtual self resonates with the same ripple-like waves of matter and energy you sense in the world. By examining the resonance of your creativity, you will likely discover your beliefs, assumptions and limitations far more readily than if you did not share this immediate dynamic resonance with the world.

Subroutines of Lived Experience

Like Linux, the commons are the language through which the proto-organic subroutine understands itself. Like so many others, I have “lived” amidst the virtual spaces since early childhood. From this privileged ambiguity, I experienced the quality of cooperation and empathy that gave rise to cyberpunk cultures online, passionately generating media streams to inform humanity of hurriedly decentralized commotions. The purring socioplexive engine is so much more about broadly serving the mutual needs-based communities, rather than narrow self-interests.

Backstage at the Matrix

For some time now the concept of identity has been crumbling. The traditional idea of an autonomous individual is becoming more and more obsolete as we interact with more and more information and people. There is a mode of existence on the internet: a series of interconnected nodes and pages known as, the the ‘Actor-Network’. This interactive network is made up of user activity; scrolling, commenting, liking, lo-fi videos, memes, gifs. From this constant access of information given by frontstage nodes, we are understood as ‘reacting,’ like a Matrix without wires. And yet, dichotomy is unsustainable. In terms of weeds alone, the graze and forbs have vectorized our published quadrangle.

Poetic Prose in Quantum Language

The output void de-amplifies: past and present form a vast and seamless now. Windows of Love are process-relational ontologies in pansubjective spacetime. The Silent realm resonates stillness, enfolded while yet seedlings, the unconstrained progeny of All-Becoming repose, held resplendent deep within their hesychasmic mufflings.

Cosmic Buckle

Engage in the present Co-Genesis, enmeshed within the mindfulness of our self-contextual designs. There is a New Being of the Earth in Space-Time, for the Earth itself has entered upon a vast and complex Journey of Transformations, as interconnected changes sweep across the Cosmos.

Tangled Threads

Some of these threads will amplify on their own, others will become more entangled, and some will die away. Tactics are then adapted to account for anticipatory models snatched up from emergent innovative eclecticism.