Self Hosting


Worldly Sovereigns Keep working at your ambition, a little bit every day; try to keep growing a little at something; just a little. That way, before you know it, you will have amassed impressive wealth in the area of skill-sets (translates: POWER). Skill-sets come under the heading of technical mastery and technology is applied Science….

Character & the Ownership of Property

Character & the Ownership of Property I was talking to my old friend Jambeaux the other day and he was sharing his great new idea with me for a performance venue in his hometown called Graham Live!. To really get the essence of this exchange we ought to go back a few years to the…

Why Cultivate a Digital Media Presence?

Digital Media is crucial to reaching our audience: it enables us to reach new members and to engage existing members. Without this we are not looking toward sustainability. Word of mouth recommendation now takes place on the internet. If it is not taking place on the internet, then it is largely out of reach. Digital…

Why Self Host Your Website?

n contemporary society, if you work solely as a wage earner, your time will not be your own and you will be subject to whatever arbitrary scheduling your manager needs; secondly, you will be well on the road to perpetual impoverishment. You will not really have a life of your own. The only way to escape such a wretched fate is the ownership of property.