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Business is undergoing a Quantum Shift. We assist 
Pioneers of the New Dimension with Networked Interconnections to Future Attractors

Complex Systems theories are predicting increased disruptors, not only in business but across Social Networks as well. The Future Attractors are Emergent yet definable, giving those who become aware of the new dynamics access to well delineated targets of both achievement and attainability. It pays to be in the know.

New business models will become mobile, agile and socially aware. Disruptability will afford the small but nimble enterprise equal footing with the monopolistic multi-national. Personal Branding and Micro-marketing will become major players in economic niche biomes; all dependent on Social Network Dynamics.

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Finance is a field that deals with the study of investments. It includes the dynamics of assets and liabilities over time under conditions of different degrees.


Sustainability is already a factor in any Ecological Context; the Personal , Social, and Economic Environments are no exception. Whether you are a single mom balancing her energy and hours, a small niche entrepreneur grappling with the vicissitudes of branding and exposure, or a small-business pillar of the community, people are depending on you to be there for them and sustainability is no trivial issue.

Developing a Business Plan

Developing your organizational substructure is one of the foremost things that most start-ups will do. The video to the right will show you the traditional concepts involved in such an endeavor.

Why Choose Us


Social Intelligence

Genuine SQ (Social Intelligence) is likely the single most important factor in doing good business. There are all kinds of cheap gimmicks. Today’s customer sees right through all that.



Your Good Reputation and Positive Community Regard are your most valuable assets. Draining your social capital is an unsustainable short-cut.


Expert Advisors

If Knowledge is Power, why not come fully armed?

Connected creativity.

You have to Connect if you want to get Traction. The Human Brain is built for Story. The right Narrative will help you to Connect.

Your Next Creative Agency

We’re just what you are looking for

Creativity is the Portal to the Future. Agency is the Freedom to Act.

We are ready to grow your business

Large or Small, we can help. We stand ready to work with you in a variety of meaningful ways.

Businesses are Gregarious: they like being Social.

We believe in innovation & creativity.

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Our History

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We Socialize

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How to Find Us

How to Find Us

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Who loves or pursues or desires to obtain in pursuit of creativity and uniqueness, walks in the golden way of universal happiness…


Greensboro-Reidsville NC (and adjacent area)





Social Architect


2005 - Present

10-01 Organization

The 10-01 Organization is a complex adaptive organization based on dynamic holarchy and emergent learning communities. It features Social Architecture (based on non-linear systems and social network theory), consulting, and services (including social, political, and environmental activism, events, and education). It also serves as home to several Indie publishing laboratories.

2013 - 2015


American Social Welfare System; Anthropology; Behavioral Management; Community and Urban Development; Composition and Rhetoric; Counseling Psychology; Creative Writing; Development of Sociological Theory; General Psychology; General Sociology; Group/Cross-Cultural Counseling; Inequality and Stratification; Phenomenology and Existentialism; Philosophy of Aesthetics; Philosophy of Art and Beauty; Political Sociology; Professional Social Work in Contemporary Society; Psychology of Personality; Race and Ethnic Relations; Research Methodology; Research Methods (Graduate); Social Change; Social Deviance; Social Problems in American Society; Social Psychology; Spatial Environmental Problems; Statistical Methods; Studies in Poetry

2010 - Present


Social Architecture (Community Building); Social Theory: (Networks, Dynamic Fields, Ecological Complexity, Holarchy); Social Psyche: (Creativity, Extended Cognition, Philosophy; Process-Relational, Integral); Appreciative Inquiry. Practicum: Creative Specialties, INTP, New Modalities, Creative Intuition/Right Brain Specialties

About Me

Social Theory; Social Architecture; Creative Specialties: Author, Publisher, Composer/Producer, Website Design, Fine Art; Educator; Sociologist; Social Networks, Community Building.



ASU: Social Theory


Lenoir-Rhyne: Educational Research


Mecklenburg County Mental Health:
Behavioral Conditioning


Academy of Performing Arts:




Design University: WebDesign


Field Investigation:
L.K. Walker Adjusters


Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services


  • Excellent Social skills and an insightful and intuitive People person
  • Great Office and Clerical skills; including Office and Word Processing software; can Orchestrate and Delegate
  • Good Presentation skills; am comfortable presenting in front of small groups and in close proximity
  • Great Teaching skills and abilities (Talented); Gifted at Explaining
  • Excellent Listening and Counseling skills; Good Practical Sense and Clear-eyed Assessment; very Creative at finding Solutions; Excellent Coaching and Life-Coaching Abilities
  • Talented at Computer Graphics and Website Design (experience with relevant software); Artistic Eye for Arrangements and Composition
  • Talented Writer (Fiction or Non-Fiction; text, instruction, policy); Can verbalize and express well in written form
  • well-developed Documentation and Reporting skills
  • well-developed Research skills and abilities
  • a very able Learner; can learn new skills and abilities
  • Disciplined; can practice and learn to apply new skills well
WordPress 61%
Illustrator 71%
InDesign 50%
Html & CSS 85%