Magnificent Collection of Succulents

Blackwell’s Horticulture and Nursery’s Magnificent Succulents Collection makes it easy to add xerophytic plants to any garden, and we have a variety of succulents and xerophytic plants for every taste and preference. These hardy plants are perfect for low-moisture, well-drained gardens where they thrive in dry, challenging conditions. We love these plants and can’t get enough of them. They’re all so unique, stunning, and hardy. If you’re looking for a colorful & interesting addition to your garden or terrarium, this is the collection for you. With a wide range of color options, there’s no way to go wrong!

Blackwell’s Horticulture and Nursery’s Magnificent Succulents Collection provides an entire collection of xerophytic plants. This includes a wide variety of succulents, including Sempervivum, Sedum, Haworthia, Aloe, Aeonium, Lewisia, and more.

Moss Gardens, Lichens & Ferns

Our Moss & lichens collection is a unique world of miniature mosses and lichens from shade-loving forest biomes that you can use to create a beautiful terrarium or other intimate garden. Mosses are Cryptomeria and Lichens are a symbiotic hybrid of fungus and algae. These living plant-like materials are irresistibly appealing, come in an amazing range of colors and textures, are perfect for lilliputian horticulture such as terrariums and shade gardens and require relatively little care as they will survive on light, moisture and carbon dioxide. Many even grow on bare rock.