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Frame of Mind and States of Being

Meaning is all about Context. Any great Truth must be expressed in a meaningful way through its context or situation. The same holds for Art: Art wants to be Experienced.

An Artistic Frame of Mind may be shared by both the Artist and the Connoisseur. The Artist, in Expressing his Muse and the Connoisseur by partaking of the Art. Both could be said to induce a profound State of Being.

The State of Perfection is a Living Thing; an Event or even a Process of Events which change from moment to moment, Framed by the Time of Day, or by the Seasons. Life has its Seasons as well, Mature Wine having developed to rarified states, capable of deep and wise frames of introspection and reverie. And of the proper appreciation for the state of youthful exuberance.

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We are the Children of Resource and Choice, the voice of the Master in the Garden of Our Thoughts

Roots need to Spread

There is a complex and interrelated symbiosis going on down there. Soil Dynamics are very similar to the Human Digestive zone, with its myriads of enteric flora.

Grows Trees

Lend Mother Nature a hand by planting a tree for tomorrow! Trees sequester carbon and refresh the air we breathe.
Human Ancestry is profoundly Arboreal.

Moringa Tree

Our Soil now lacks vital nutrients from unsustainable farming. Consequently, we do not get the Minerals we need (even when we eat well). Plants with deep roots are subterranean foragers and provide essentials like Magnesium.

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Trees make their own stable biome, creating multiple micro niches which sponsor biodiversity and provide for those that emerge around them. Trees make good neighbors.

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In 2002, after our third year in business, we adopted an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP)
that allows all employees to earn stock and share in company profits.

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~Believe, Think, Do~

Rather than having a single major function, most genes, like roads, probably play a small part in lots of tasks within the cell.

By dissecting biology into its genetic atoms, reductionism failed to account for these multitasking genes. Systems Biologists look at the system properties of the entire network.

In this new vision of biology, genes aren’t discrete nuggets of genetic information but more diffuse entities whose functional reality may be spread across hundreds of interacting DNA segments.” (Johnjoe McFadden)


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