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John Staley

Social Theory; Social Architecture; Creative Specialties: Author, Publisher, Composer/Producer, Website Design, Fine Art; Educator; Sociologist; Social Networks, Community Building.

Greensboro/Burlington/Reidsville NC; Danville VA areas

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Social Architecture (Community Building); Social Theory: (Networks, Dynamic Fields, Ecological Complexity, Holarchy); Social Psyche: (Creativity, Extended Cognition, Philosophy; Process-Relational, Integral); Appreciative Inquiry. Practicum: Creative Specialties, INTP, New Modalities, Creative Intuition/Right Brain Specialties


Blackwell’s Grove Publishing

Executive Director and Chief Curator

description: Executive Director responsible for every aspect of Business and Curation from Original Scores and Manuscripts to Rare Works and Collectibles as well as a wide array of Syndicated Publishing.

MQ: Early Greco-Judaic Philosophy

Executive Director; Headmaster; Curator

description: Responsible for Business Administration, Organizational Direction, Marketing and Events, Curriculum, and Curation of Organizational Culture and Presence


Director/Producer; Composer/Publisher

description: Original Performance Arts Ensemble; Responsible for all aspects of the Events

Yxyryu Aikido

Head Sensei

description: Headmaster of a Prestigious Aikido dojo with a 700 year lineage and trustees to the secret teachings handed down from Master to student in unbroken Direct succession