Mechanistic Indoctrination into Malthusian Canon

Part of our Mechanistic indoctrination into Malthusian canon is that there is not the same level of confidence in an established order between Hierarchical Beings of Will that we posit to Ordinary Principles.

We do not ‘ordinarily’ expect to be harmed by principles, except through ignorance or misuse, whereas we retain a lower level of confidence regarding our inherent safety among volitional beings.

In either case, the ultimate response to orderly law depends upon a living cognition. Matter cannot respond in orderly ways unless it has a ‘sense of something to which it ‘relates’. Even light and gravity are said to be ‘relativistic’ and systems are described as autopoietic. This only begs a question of ultimate underlying consciousness, giving matter a will and depriving principles of any inert status.

In this way (Malthusian bias toward principles over hierarchy of beings) do we more clearly trust orderly principles and base our faith in Metaphysics upon our rectitude in ordering them. We bias ourselves to exogenous order in social hierarchy and endogenous metaphysical subjectivity in the arrangement of thoughts; even when we fudge in the ultimate acknowledgement of autopoietic systems, because disordered thoughts are not reasonably arranged.

We can no more reason by insanity than we could be cognizant of things that do no exist. Existence and Order are therefore conscious necessities, Matter is Alive and Order is Social.

…of interest


...of interest

…a few items of interest (which may help to explain things further down the road) to help get us started

Creativity is the Key

INTP: Creative Right-Brain Specialties

Human Nature shapes and designs its environment in new ways which bring meaning and utility to the service of our needs, whether practical or aesthetic. The ability to see the big picture, to assess relationships, and to discover significance is what makes art the alchemy of our future. R-directed thinking is interdisciplinary and holistic: it is a Renaissance Perspective which Integrates technology, cognitive science, utility and beauty, bringing Human Consciousness forth into New Frontiers of expanded evolutionary excellence.

Designer Environment

New Co-Embodied Consciousness

And there’s more: this New Consciousness exists Embodied within the new Designer Environment, co-recruiting the spontaneous improvisation of problem-solving resources with the maximum efficiency and lowest expenditure of energy. We are co-evolving along with the surrounding context of our own creative designs. Human cognitive function has now grown outside of our individual heads to become embodied alongside us in the participatively reciprocating millieu of our Cultural Objects.

Stewards of Integrated Ecology

A Living Entity

In such Living Entification as this, it will be essential that Holistic and Integrated Ecology of Form and Structure be taken into account and the greatest care be lavished upon the ultimate sensitivity of our ongoing structurations; for every actuality is now an influential contributory to our health, livelihood and well-being. The Magical Paradise has Evolved and we are now the Chief Earthly Stewards of all that we see before us and whatever is to come.

The New Species of Human Being

ontological sociology picture 5A Transitional State

In the Old Millennium, there is a Previous History and all of its complex interrelationships, which comes piling up to the Brink of the New Dimension, then stops abruptly; followed by blank space. We are well into the blank space now.
This demarcation forms along the boundary of the Old Dimension and shows very clearly that we have entered a New Dimension with no particular precedent. The reason for this lies in the New Consciousness, and the New Consciousness is an attribute of the New Human Being.
There is a New Species of Human Being walking on the Earth in These Times, for they are New Times as well.

Unrecognizable Novelty

The Old Majority will look upon these statements as mere allegory, and they will have to, because they are not able to conceive of the New World nor are they able to recognize the New Consciousness with their old familiar patterns of thinking. Nevertheless, The Earth itself has entered upon a vast transformation and sweeping changes have come upon all of her inhabitants. We are not what we once were.
The Old Consciousness is not able to Perceive or Recognize the New Consciousness because of its radical advancement and, truthfully, the New Consciousness can barely relate to the old primitive mindset anymore.

DNA Activation

Initially, our Human DNA was the director of our Fate; causing our health or disease and either fitting us with advantages wherever we competed or limiting us wherever we failed (Darwinian genetics). Then it developed to become a co-partner with us while expressing tendencies according to our interaction with our environment (epigenetics). Now our DNA has been Activated and it sits waiting; waiting to build whatever we should so choose to build; but waiting all the same, because we have not recognized our new role of Leadership in the Matter.

Runaway Vehicle

And so the picture is this: there is a Stage-coach with people riding in it. It is drawn by powerful and spirited steeds. But there is nobody holding the reins, so it is careening across the uncharted countryside at breakneck speed without the slightest hint of direction or purpose.
The Steeds are the Powerful New Engines which are driving us into the Future. The Coach is our New Body, complete with Active DNA. The Countryside represents The New Dimension we have entered. And the people inside the Coach are us: the New Species of Humanity.

Quantum Evolution Differs

In the Old Dimension; we would have felt our way into the New Dimension via Darwinian Evolution. The ride would have been much slower and we would proceed by the safe eventuality of trial-and-error learning experience. These are the New Conditions and the Old Methods will not serve us anymore. In the New Dimension we are Quantum Jumping through Unknown Portals into Altered Time and Syntropic Spatiality. We are profoundly unfamiliar with the New Topography.
Someone needs to take the reins and guide the Vehicle safely to its Destiny. But who? Who can say with any sincerity that he or she is an expert on the unique novelty of the New Dimension and its New Species of Humanity?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Stress and Fatigue

The Earth and all who live in it are a part of this utter advancement. Those who choose to swim backwards against the tides of change will become exhausted in their vain efforts towards regression and be swept along with the prevailing currents regardless. But those who elect to ride the wave will advance easily, in almost infinite ways, and experience fulfillment while having fun.
At this point in time there is stress; many humans are feeling stress and fatigue during this stage of the transition. That is because the Stagecoach is bumping along through the scrub-brush at breakneck speed without anyone in the driver’s seat. There is a lot of careening and quite a bit of emotional concern; folks are hollering and there is a lot of unnecessary noise and finger-pointing. These represent Old Conditioned Behaviorisms and Complexes. Stress and anxiety are not the ideal prescription for health and wellbeing. Nor is scornful reciprocity the foundation of unified communities.

Benevolent Domain

Fortunately, we have not been abandoned without any help. There are Guides with Experience and Wisdom who can help us make this crucial passage in these important transitional times. These Guides are in fact the Original Engineers of our previous conditions, the conditions that we have rapidly outgrown, and are proud to assist us in this New Phase of our Evolutionary Advancement. They have helped us in our Past and they stand ready to help us Now.

The Wisdom and Experience of our Benevolent Guides can ease this Transition without wrecking our nerves and bruising our bodies; but only if we look to them for the help that is freely available. Being a New Species requires a New Consciousness and we must expand beyond our rustic and primitive thought-patterns, if we are to survive.

Cultural Ontology

ontological sociology picture 4Assemblage of Machines

What is the Self? Until recently, it was presupposed that each of us had a coherent Self; something essential and permanent which made up the kernel of our Personality. It was thought that this was the True Being within us which maintained continuity throughout all the vicissitudes and impermanence of Life’s evanescing changes.
In modern Social Thought, such a being is largely dismissed as an ideological fiction in favor of a more Behavioral Assemblage of Complexes and Histories. So we have lost the notion of our True Self but we now project that notion upon a Coherent Continuity of Behavioral Complexes. We have become a post-modern Assemblage. Some are even referring to our Self as the Robot.
And why not? If we take a look at the 72 year cycle of Fractal History, we find that the looming contemporary phase is Machine Learning; AI and the Singularity. Humanity is crowded around the smart-phone, breathlessly awaiting the announcement of Machine Intelligence.

Terrifying Event Horizons

What does a Behavioral Assemblage of Complexes look like when we open one up and peer inside? We would see the Neural Networks of Operant Conditioning as they have wired together in Crystallized Learning Patterns derived from the Information Saccades of our most Terrifying Event Horizons. Personally speaking, that is, for each one of us.
Neurons that fire together, wire together. And especially when our objects of Interest are first-person-shooter games, feature-length Epic Adventures, and 24-hour News aggregation. These are all being compounded by the Rewards of Gamification, Socialization Media, Political Propaganda, and the fact that Fear sells. Our neurosynaptic Construction of Social Reality is precognitively Conditioned by continuous post-modern information signals.

Self-Driving Autobots

What are we trafficking in these days? There is a sense that in the modern world we are able to hack our own consciousness, to manifest thoughts. If the vast tangle of interconnections inherent in our neural structure resemble highway and transportation systems in the urban megalopolis, then contemporary Behavioral Conditioning has turned us into Self-Driving Cars.

Exogenous Reflexivity of Ontological Epigenetics

ontological sociology adapterEarly Adapters

Humans have excelled in adaptation to their environment for at least 300,000 years. In fact, possibly better than many of our animal peers. We have certainly helped ourselves in our own cause by the dexterous use of tools as well as diligently reshaping our environment to better suit us.
We have been Scientifically taught that our Darwinian genetics adapt to our natural environment (via natural selection) typically over the course of many thousands of years. Modern research is uncovering examples of very rapid Selection; in some instances, almost virtual immediacy.

Frugal Genes

Humans carry a more frugal set of genes compared with, say an earthworm. Current scientific thought attributes this to the ability of Humans to employ epigenetic expression more adaptatively.
The early Anthropocene changed very slowly prior to Human technologicalization of their immediate surroundings. However, the pace of technologicalization has increased frenetically to the point where it is now startlingly Red-Queenish.

Trans-Ribonucleic Expression

Throughout this process, Human adaptability has kept up quite admirably. The continued ability of Humans to adapt at the current unnatural pace of advancement indicates that genetic selection has advanced to include trans-ribonucleic means of expression.
And why not? We have already noted that extended cognition has transcended the mere bounds of the Human brain; even to the exteriorization of Consciousness: beyond the nervous system of the Human body.

Trans-Individuals and Exogenous Reflexivity

If Whitehead is correct, it takes no stretch of the imagination to find that there is a Process Mind (or Minds) operating well outside of the individual cognition. This implies that Social Function may be more a matter of Extended Agency than of Individual Agency.
Extended epigenetics will turn out to redefine the gene as exogenous reflexivity at the trans-individual level as well.

The Living Agency

All of this points towards a deeply meaningful Truth: that Sociology is Alive and Social Functions are Living Beings, not mechanical activities that emerge from the clanking machinery of interpersonal reductionism.

Constructible Frames of Referential Perspective

ontological sociology constructibleConstructive Constitution

As C. Wright Mills noted in his book, ‘The Sociological Imagination’:

“Individuals, in the welter of their daily experience, often become falsely conscious of their social positions. Within that welter, the framework of modern society is sought, and within that framework the psychologies of a variety of men and women are formulated.”

Of course, we now understand the extent to which the Social Construction of Reality affects us. This is a great cause for hope, for Construction is a modifiable pursuit.

Fluid Machinery of Sociological Transformation

As we have seen in Philosophy and Psychology; Perspectives, Frames of Reference, States and Doylies (the nuts-and-bolts of pattern building Mindsets) are able to be worked with and Transformed; that they often are left-overs and no longer suit the needs of the Citizen in the achievement of her goals or the satisfaction of his Beliefs, but can be up-dated and changed to work Beneficially and far more Efficiently (and Effectively).
So It is the same with these Perceptions, Mindsets and Pattern States of the Sociological Doylies. The task is to determine the workings, the Social Machinery, and the manner of Harmonious Workings in the Fluidity of Transformation.

Personal and Historical Biographies

Mills goes on to say that every individual lives out a historical biography and that he/she contributes to the shaping of Society and his/her moment in History by the very fact of living within and being a part of it.
These are the same Concepts applied by Jungians to the Journey of the Soul in the Development of its Character within the Context of its Plot and sub-plot. The Sociological Imagination applies this a little grander at the Collective scale.

Creative Intrapersonal Illumination

We have come a long way in Jungian Archetype and the Hero’s Journey; Transpersonal Psychology; and the ‘Mechanics’ of Personal Success and Happiness. We are now upon the threshold of a new and exciting Frontier of Creative Sociological Illumination which stands ready to cheer the Hearts of all Mankind, bringing Joy and Satisfaction into our very Future.

Quantum Sociology


In so many ways of late, Science has been finding that we are a Universe of Self Organizing Automata, which grows and develops into Complex Systems of Interrelated data; Aggregates of Informational Architecture in a Social Milieu. In this model, Consciousness is an ambiguously related spin-off, the flagship product being non-thought cognitive sub-routines and neural circuit processors. The New Psychology then, being a Science, allows that our Personality is Constructed from the assorted patches and modules that run our prehensive application menu.

In such a case, our Perception is controlled and governed by the interpretative screening of these filters and the limits of their capacity to model. Object Oriented Design gets trumped by numerous other factors such as bandwidth, driver up-dates, wet-ware version, user interface, affordability, and other such factors. These chain-of-components considerations almost assure us that our operating system becomes one-of-a- kind. If this is so then we are only modeling the image of our filters rather more than any object of our attention. And lo, the cutting edge of today’s Science confirms that all we are really able to Perceive around us is an Image of the Reflected Model of our components and filters.
So we go through life, joyously substantiating the confirmation biases of our Self-Reflected Interior. Well and Good. Now the question arises: In what way can we find that Sociology Reflects the Self-Referential Truth of Individual Agency.

Sociologists are in the practice of searching out Patterns in large scale Behavior. This often involves analysis of broad data sets: we are looking for Social Structure in Large Scale Patterns (among other things, of course). This type of Architecture represents a Macro-level view of Social Phenomena.

Although we may find Large Scale traits, we will find Self-Reflexive Truth at work in the Doylies of the mezzo-persona of the Individual Agents. If we are finding the Mechanics of Individual Agency operating at the level of the pre-conscious Neural Machinery, and Contextualizing it within a Social System, then we are at the very least looking at things from the mezzo-level of Social Phenomena, and then juxtaposing Reflexivities with the macro-phenomena.

At this point we are asking: where is the seething Complexity of Emergent Self-Referentiality in the vast, churning confluence of Sociologistics? And here things take a rather surprising turn. The question now becomes (as in Physics): what is the smallest unit of Sociological Fact that we can legitimately measure?
The standard unit has classically been the unit of the Individual. In our Legacy Sociology, there hasn’t seemed to have been much interest in proceeding past the Individual Unit and even at that, we needed at least one other Unit and some Dynamics to peak the interest of the Classical Sociologer.

But we can go much smaller than that, for Individuals are Constructed of Infinitesimal Particles of Social Reality. Even our Personalities have become the Biographical Summation of our own Neuro-Synaptic sub-plots and the Neurotransmiting Actors of whatever Scene they are currently Performing.
And Behold, within a few meager steps downward, we are miniaturized to the Quantum level of Social Reality to find Self-Referential Belief emerging as our immersive micro-partner. When Social Construction becomes a Self-Referential Image of our data modeling, then it has become a Mirror and in the Self-Referential Circuit of Knowing/Acting and World-Making Autopoiesis is Reflexitively Social.

Scenario Visualization

ontological scenario

The Artist, Composer, the Author; they look the part: they look like what they are. You can tell what is Archetypal. Adam and Jesus are Archetypal. We know what they look like, somehow. Moses, too. The Faculty of Inner Vision; it Informs us.
Theater Inside Our Heads
We are Inner Vision, too. There is a Mental Theater upon which we Act, Perform, Engage in Dialogue with Inner Others. Dialogue with Inner Others is not always with Others who are so Interior. Sometimes we cast them Outside the Inner Sanctum, placing them just at the Edge; partly inside the Perimeter but in some ways Outside.

Stage Lights

Out There it is dimmer, less vibrant; just a shade Grey. I remember well the practice of Old School light-bulbs: one hundred watts was the standard (one hundred and twenty watts was not uncommon). These days we make do with sixty watts all over the house; the circuit-breakers are wired for it; sixty and no more. This Demonstrates that we live our lives nowadays at a forty per cent reduction in Illumination. Forty is a lot; almost half the light. Why does it conserve power if we struggle to see; to stumble in the dark? I feel our nation has become timid, frightened, mouse-like: scurrying along the baseboards of Life; afraid of the Light.

Grey Dialogue of Twilight

Fearful of Freedom, too. When faced with the Light of Choices, Omnipotence, we retreat toward the Shadows, afraid of better days, success, of risking a wrong move in broad daylight where the Others may see us. The same Others that we banish to the Perimeter of Dim Grayness at the edges of our Mental Theater; the same Others with which we argue in our Inner Dialogue. They might see us reach out to take hold of the Good, to take that risk. They might See us and Know that we Care; that we Tried. Because we kept them down Inside, we made them wrong, we let them fail to be among us; now we cannot bear to risk ourselves before them in the Light. For they are, after all, Us; it was all just a Mental Dialogue, Performed upon our Interior Theater of Thoughts. We banished ourselves. And now we are afraid to go back there, to meet ourselves in the dark alley-ways of our Haunted Mindscape.

Perceptual Framing

Of course there are many different ways of Framing our Perceptions; Visioning is one Modality. Dialogue is another. Sometimes we find meaning in Song, or Story. Great Literature has an Effect. That is why we call it Great. Various modalities under the larger umbrella of Perception. Each modality has the nuts-and-bolts Context of its sub-modality. It is here that the Central Character of Meaning interacts and is honed within His Plot and sub-plot. Scenes are the Phases of our Learning; Understanding is what we gain from it.
Slow down, son. It’s like everything else…not so fast already.

The Truth About Appliance Sales

Modern Appliances: the Inconvenient Truth

I’d like to request your pardon while I outline a very inconvenient truth. I know you have better things to do than have something you don’t want to believe in brought up and pointed out. But every consumer who is contemplating the purchase of a new appliance for their home, whether to upgrade the looks of their place or out of dire necessity really needs to know and consider what I’m about to say. And it’s not from a place of being preachy. It’s just the facts of our current reality. So here it is.

Whole-Cost Accounting

Starting from the manufacturing angle, let’s briefly consider what goes into making an appliance and bringing it to you for purchase. There are the component parts: let’s say that ore has to be mined and metal smelted and refined through all the many, many industries that have a hand in this and then it needs to get forged into something an appliance can use, say a motor, in this case the motor which drives the washing machine. Wire has to be extruded and spools of it shipped to the winding plant where it gets wound on the armature and encased in a metal housing with all the connections hooked up and ready to assemble into the machine. A water pump has to be manufactured and assembled, boxed and shipped to the washing machine plant. Plastic parts have to be refined from the petroleum industry and then the little plastic beads have to be heated and pressed into shapes and sorted, boxed and shipped from Czechoslovakia or wherever, then laid out and assembled in the washing machine plant. Rubber has to be gathered from trees and vulcanized and processed with fibers into belts for the belt drives and so on for the pulleys and screws that were all carefully designed by some team of engineers, and other industrial engineers brought together the manufacturing process and perfected it so that a product could come into being.

Socio-Political Expenses

So right away we can see that a whole multitude of very expensive processes had to be intentionally, even forcibly at times, brought forward in order to bring you your new appliance. In fact, labor everywhere was exploited, very harshly in some countries, simply for your consumer benefit and pleasure. Blood was spilled in revolutions and coups d’état and political complications were exploited by wealthy Industrialist monopolies on behalf of your shiny new appliance. But of course you can’t be held responsible for all that.

Mercy Me the Ecology

Beyond this, Large-scale Ecological damage has wreaked havoc upon the Earth and our Environment in the gargantuan-scale mining operations, the Petroleum extraction and refining Industries, the Coal-burning Steel and Power Industries: all in the name of making your house-hold tasks a little easier.

Closer to Home

Now, at the washing machine plant, there is a physical building that has to be built and run, which requires personnel and manpower, materials such as steel and girder construction, lots and lots of concrete, heating and air-flow, safety inspection and compliance, land use taxes, taxes on materials, and of course there is the construction cost (labor and so forth) for building it. Let’s not forget maintenance cost for the up-keep of the building, which is a constant thing.

Cost of Production (so-called)

So now we are ready to begin the construction and assembly of your appliance. There will be labor cost, overhead, licensing fees, shipping cartage and storage and inventory, book-keeping and acquisition. But we mostly dream that it is all automated and performed by machinery; so there would be enormous operating expenses around that and exorbitant maintenance cost including specialist mechanics who fix the automation and keep it running so that there is no down time.

Getting to the Bottom Dollar

Already, the cost of your new little machine is well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and growing without stop. More than your house is worth I feel sure. And it hasn’t even rolled off the line yet. It still has to be painted with enamel lacquer or plated with stainless steel (an expensive, high-carbon metallurgy) and cleaned up and polished. Then it has to go into a box (which had to be manufactured and printed, then shipped and assembled).
So you see that the expenses involved in bringing to you your little marvel of Industrial Ingenuity are quite prohibitive and that there is no way a family of modest means could ever afford one. But we shrug all of this off and pretend that the cost of mass-production will off-set all of this manufacturing expense and that you can have your very own customized and faultless piece of high quality machinery for a couple a hundred bucks. Max.

Detrimental Practices

But it doesn’t stop there. In order for your family to even get close to affording something, Environmental concerns have to be waived and the Ecology simply must be thrown under the bus so the Materials are secured from heartless dictatorial countries that ravage the Earth in enormous government-sponsored strip mines and the waste water flows into the villages with impunity. No matter for their people’s health though because they will be exploited for their labor from childhood until they expire (at a very early age, say 30 perhaps) with no consideration given to their health-care or comfort: let’s just say under harsh and inhumane conditions. The mass exploitation of such populations under such heartless governance is largely responsible for the grand erosion of our own labor economy here at home and everybody knows it but we all shrug it off.

A Few Examples

LG and Samsung are South Korean companies which have mfg. plants in China, Korea, Viet Nam, and other places. Frigidaire has mfg. plants just across the border in Juarez Mexico. Whirlpool has US plants and by comparison, boy is that labor expensive. Which now brings me to my main point: the inconvenient truth.

A Grand Deception

There is a Grand Deception being played out in the Appliance Industry daily, with the sale of every new Appliance. You are being duped on a Grand Scale.
In order to perpetuate this phony-baloney, the entire genius of marketing hocus-pocus has been summoned to assist in the endeavor. Everything from well-trained and professional Sales-Floor Associates, to slick Internet Marketeering has been amassed in order to help you keep busy, deceiving yourself that you can not only covet, but easily acquire at your pleasure and whimsy, the mechanical assistant of your dreams for practically nothing; or less if you ruthlessly shop around, playing one store off against one another.

The Reason for All This

And the reason why is because you are holding the money. Nobody has gotten paid one penny for all this until you open your wallet. All this has been done for free, up to the point of sale. The entire financial Industry has availed itself to you at your beck and call to enable your self-deception at the purchase of high-quality, long-lasting machines for a song and a dance.
You are deceived. The Whole Cost of any Industrial Manufacture, no matter how efficiently run, is unaffordable and beyond the means of any modern individual to acquire. Even Collectively, at reasonable prices, the Whole Cost is Utterly and Incontrovertibly Unsustainable.

A Co-Dependent Swindle Operation

All the way down the line, everybody else is getting gypped and by the time it gets to you, you have been co-dependently enabled to fool yourself into believing that your $200.00 machine is built to last. Under these conditions, it is a miracle that it even runs (and sometimes it doesn’t, but you can bring it back under thirty days when purchased from the store).

The Truth About Appliance Sales

So the Truth has now been told: you cannot afford a well-built Appliance, built with good materials and workmanship, that could be expected to last any time (much less to even run), yet you have conned yourself into believing that you can and even go out and force one store to sell you something cheaper than another. The farce of Industrial Manufacturing is entirely unaffordable and yet the consumer clamors for a bargain.
After the sale, everybody gets good-vibes and pats themselves on the back at getting the cheapest deal; after-all, it was the American Consumer’s hard-earned money that made it all possible.


But let the cheap little trifle break down and Dr. Jekyll breaks out in the show-room floor, ranting and hollering about ‘that’s why Sears/JC Penny/Local Appliance Chain is going out of business!’ And how ‘somebody’s gonna pay for this!’, ‘I’m going all the way to the top of the command-chain, til I get my way!’, ‘I wanna see a manager!’. Of course, in modern society, there are policies and Dr. Jekyll will eventually leave the store angry. Anger is one of the stages of reality therapy, where we begin to recognize that we have been played for a fool (though we may not ever come to recognize that we were merely co-enabled to because that’s what we wanted from the get-go).

The Inconvenient Truth

And so this little essay is just to bring up the fact that there is a self-induced, mass deception going on in America, with respect to the fact that gypping everybody out of their fair wages is neither good business, good politics, nor Good Stewardship. Yet it is what is going on unilaterally across our entire culture where everybody wants something for nothing. Good luck with that because every farmer can tell you that we reap what we sow.

What Can Be Done?

It is not really upon me to assume the position of Leadership for our country, whether in Politics or in Industry. But it is clear from the foregoing that Manufacture of New Goods from raw materials is unaffordable and unsustainable. Driving down the cost of brand new Appliances to the cheapest level has only resulted in the proliferation of disposable appliances. Oddly enough Appliance Repair is one of the few non out-sourceable occupations left in our economy. (That and Emergency Convalescence). We need to bring back the Repair Industry in this country. The time is already upon us where we will be paying more and more for Manufactured Goods; prices are already starting to climb.

Disposability and Obsolescence

Disposability will become a thing of the past and durability will become a premium feature, not cheapness. But we are not there yet: better get that maintenance agreement on everything you buy.
But doesn’t that drive the price of the Appliance up? Yes, we have been robbing Peter to pay Paul so that you can have a cheap little facsimile for pennies on the dollar; whole retail chains are going bankrupt because of it. The extra price of the Insurance is the best bargain of all because all of that money stays at home and goes to support the Repair Industry personnel and his family. He is your neighbor and whatever is good for the Community is good for you.
You may have a twinge of Conscience about exploiting third-world labor and circumventing Environmental Protection regulations in the purchase of your shiny new appliance, but you can hold your head high and feel proud to support non-disposability alongside the local repair crew with that inconsequential little maintenance agreement!

INTP: Creative Right-Brain Specialties

ontological sociology picture 6Human Nature shapes and designs its environment in new ways which bring meaning and utility to the service of our needs, whether practical or aesthetic. The ability to see the big picture, to assess relationships, and to discover significance is what makes art the alchemy of our future. R-directed thinking is interdisciplinary and holistic: it is a Renaissance Perspective which Integrates technology, cognitive science, utility and beauty, bringing Human Consciousness forth into New Frontiers of expanded evolutionary excellence.

And there’s more: this New Consciousness exists Embodied within the new Designer Environment, co-recruiting the spontaneous improvisation of problem-solving resources with the maximum efficiency and lowest expenditure of energy. We are co-evolving along with the surrounding context of our own creative designs. Human cognitive function has now grown outside of our individual heads to become embodied alongside us in the participatively reciprocating millieu of our Cultural Objects.

In such Living Entification as this, it will be essential that Holistic and Integrated Ecology of Form and Structure be taken into account and the greatest care be lavished upon the ultimate sensitivity of our ongoing structurations; for every actuality is now an influential contributory to our health, livelihood and well-being. The Magical Paradise has Evolved and we are now the Chief Earthly Stewards of all that we see before us and whatever is to come.