Washington Coverup For US Covid Involvement?

Anytime an author makes a prediction, she is going out on a limb but authors must get used to that and make their predictions anyway. So we will do that here. What this author begins to foresee is a looming eugenics development related to the coronavirus immunization program.

Waves are already being made over whether employers have the right to require their employees to be immunized as a condition of their employment. Aside from questions related to expense, convenience and unhealthy side-effects, there has not been union and collective rights input on this issue and early results are trending in the direction of employer autocracy, in that it can be framed from a public health standpoint, which supersedes individual rights.

Taking into consideration the current pre-screening criterion for entering public facilities, we can easily imagine similar complications around a vaccine prerequisite protocol. More specifically, the current admission requirement for pre-screening consists of a battery of yes or no self reported answers to somewhat relevant questions about present state of health and possible contact with carriers. Then a hand-held laserometer makes a surface temperature evaluation. Anyone under 100 degrees can enter.

So. On cold days, the laserometer registers anywhere from 90.1 to 96, or so (if it registers at all because cold skin will often be too low to read). Hand-held surface laserometers are useless in detecting fever unless the patient is practically in flames. Also, no one who wishes to enter a public facility would purposely answer yes to a question about whether they have covid (or whether they have been exposed to it). Furthermore, it is common for viral transmitters to be without symptoms and yet capable of spreading the bug. So the entire protocol is quite irrelevant.

Concerned employers who know this will already be aware of precedent from the drug screening days: employees could lie about having been immunized or a black market industry could spring up with fake certification, etc. The only surefire method of enforcing immunized protection would be to inject genetic markers along with the vaccine that could be detected with a test and traced. This will open a whole keg of new legal and political worms: the novel eugenics protocol.

Of course, the viral genome will happily mutate and whole new medical suites of immuno-cocktail branding platforms will begin to compete for dominance in the socio-political arena. To compete and to deliver, newer, faster, more custom-tailored genetic engineering will be approved that will rapidly accelerate our bio-hacking industries to the point where bio-hybrid cyborgs will become commonplace yet indistinguishable from original-equipment humanity. Transhumanism through eugenics will have been rapidly accomplished through the marketplace with politically augmented assistance and  legally blessed and sanctioned (before society as a whole has any time to react).

Judging from the politically contrived backlash against something as simple as wearing a mask, the uprising in the backwaters of America will likely be fanned to a high-pitched crescendo of emotionally-tenored backlashes calling for revolution, secession etc. etc… After all, Theological implications abound.

We have already seen this with the Q conspirators, the pizza-gate hoax and other political propaganda and assorted flim-flam and a strange alliance of novel conspiracies are forming on the horizon related to Donald Trump’s ‘Trade War’ on China. 

Allow me to switch tracks here and set the scene with a little back-story. Russia has long been concerned about China’s rising global dominance, after all the two share a very lengthy national boundary. It is no secret that Russia has long considered the US its ideological adversary and continues to deploy espionage for the purpose of subverting and destabilizing the US society and infrastructure. How auspicious would it be if Russia could activate their famous Presidential Asset and provoke a ‘Trade War’ between both of its national security concerns; letting the two global superpowers exhaust themselves as opponents and leaving the door open for greater Russian influence and disruption?

So this is the scenario against which we view one of the most sinister aspects of this entire panorama to date. Russia’s Presidential Asset, goaded into an ill-advised trade war (which global business interests had not requested, do not want, and speak out against with vigor) discovered what looked like the perfect underhanded solution: a marginally-lethal, enhanced-activation, bio-weapon, developed in the US via bio-engineering. This is where the story takes a turn of intrigue.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, an expert in HIV/AIDS who works at the National Institute of Health, advisor to six presidents, and all around good guy is head of the organizational program that approved over 3 million dollars for research in Wuhan China for a ‘gain of function’ (highly transmittable) version of bio-engineered virus with ‘spillover’ (the ability to jump from animals to humans). This research was conducted at the People’s Liberation Army Research Institute in Wuhan China (their bio-weapons research facility), by Shi Zhengli. Dr. Shi had been part of similar research in the US both at UNC (Chapel Hill) and Brownsville Texas (the US bio-weapons center). Again, Dr. Fauci is a very good man with an impeccable character; he just happens to be the expert from NIH and presidential advisor.

Further darkening the waters, was an ‘open science’  bioRxiv preprint doi: (here) reporting a rather extensive evaluation of the coronavirus genetics, including bio-engineered manipulation of the spikes to the effect of having AIDS features grafted onto the coronavirus body in 4 places. Their conclusion was that the modifications were not at all natural and in all likelihood were the result of bio-engineering. 

Following this, the report was forced to be withdrawn and many, many authoritative voices from around the governmental sphere of influence emerged to pronounce the study a fake and claim (without any evidence to back these statements up at all) that the evaluation was untrustworthy and to move along because there was nothing to see here, folks. All of these ‘pronouncements’ were shallow, demanding, and baseless (in the most obvious of ways). 

Next we have the accusations from China, that the virus is a genetically engineered bio-weapon deployed against China by the US. (see articles here and here). And finally we see various mainstream news articles (here and here).

We have some questions: could it be that Mr. Trump’s ‘Trade War’ with China was more serious than we have been led to believe? Also, to what extent is the Presidential Asset’s influence beholden to Russia’s national interest? We still cannot ascertain the answers to such weighty questions but we do believe a Congressional investigation should pursue these and related questions in the interest of National Security.


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