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Seeing more dimensions – in space

Social Architecture means more now than just Community Building:

  • it means access to Social Structure
  • it means Agential Actualization
  • Social Constructivism
  • Quantum Self Constructivism

The Holo-Terrain Health Model is Social too: and Social is Holo-Terrain

  • Recovery is Holo-Terrain
  • Account for the Endo-Biontic Core Society (“Nephesch” mc)
  • Holo-Terrainology is Systems Theory Health and Recovery of the Whole

The Correspondent mezzo-self, consisting of modular multiples is acting under the auspices of the Shemhamphoresch, and selected according to axiomatic deliberation and demonstrable confidence.

However, when bridged with the Cytherean Limbic System in its 7:8 cultural Group Nurture, we can account for a Core Society of Endobiontic Sociological Topology.

In a System of Nested Holarchies, the Interactive Holomovement becomes the Animating Principle of the Dynamic Psyche (Animated Soul).

Hence, the assertion of Endobiontic Holo-Terrain being Social and Health being Holospheric.

Original Meanderings

Latest Collection:

Counter-Relativity in the Implicate Order


"Assemblage of Counter-Relativities"


If Quantum Electrodynamics is correct, then there must be Counter Relativity in the same manner as there are Tachyons operating from the Supercausal.

What this amounts to is that the particle side of matter, operating from the pointwise progression of cause and effect can accellerate up to and approaching the speed of Light. But from the Counter-Relativity of the Supercausal realm, energies at rest are Infinite and depletion reduces ambient speed down to and approaching the stopped state of Light speed.


"A Moment of Clarity"


Since Gravity is connected to all dimensional reference planes and able to penetrate beyond the interlimiting cross-sections of Brane worlds, then the Graviton will need to be Self-Complementary and respond Dynamically according to its Supercausal contextuality.

Since Space and Counterspace are interpenetrating, anti-gravity (or Centrifugal Levity) will coexist alongside conventional  gravity.

This is accomplished in the Light Ether as a function of Spatiality (Space and Counterspace) mediated by electrophotonic Light, thereby completing the symmetrical causalities and retrocausalities enfolded in the Super-Relative Dimension of the Implicate Order.


"Empty Words"

– 2018


"Perennial Quest"

– 2017

"Voice of the Soul"

– 2016

Painting on Canvas



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