Holonomic Psychobiology

novelty, environmental enrichment, vivid conscious experience, and voluntary physical exercise (play)

Spiritual Medicine is based on the premise that an underlying pattern of Energy feeds and sustains its organs. Matter is made up of and influenced by energy fields. Living Matter participates in Harmonic Resonance with Dynamic Attractors in Complex Systems of interaction.

Individuals are adaptive biological entities, constantly changing in relation to everything around them. To consider the body as a harmonious entity, we must first acknowledge that we are influenced by our environment. In fact it is only our perception of humans as independent entities that separates us from our environment. The way in which we react and adapt makes us who we are. (more about this in psychobiological gene expression below).

Working with the real dynamics of life means working with the constant ebb and flow within and around us. There are no degrees of separation. We are as much air, soil and water as we are skin and bones.



Change is conscious and continuous. Species disappear or die out because they evolve into other species. Three phases of evolution have been discerned:



1. Parasitic: life-forms which require a host to survive. Parasites stimulate adaptation. Without adaptation, both parasite and host will perish.


2. Adaptive stage: the organism gains independence; interacting and influencing the environment that it inhabits. And


3. Symbiosis: when a life form achieves perfect balance with its environment and reaches a mature and harmonious evolutionary stage.


All Living Systems move toward a state of balance and harmony. Such a state requires a consciousness to detect, evaluate, plan, and carry out change. At the level of consciousness, spiritual rules apply.
Symplasts in the blood are holographic representations of things going on in the body (artifacts in the blood).

Psychobiological Gene Expression

Gene Expression/ Protein Synthesis Cycles:

Gene Expression

Approximate time

Major function

Research Domain










A Lifetime






Functional genomics

Clock Genes




Late activated

4-8 hours



Immediate & early activated

1-2 hours

Environmental response

Psycho-neuro Immunology

Behavioral State Related


Wake/Sleep, Dreams, Mood


Activity dependent

Minutes to hours

Memory, Learning


Immediate early

Seconds to minutes

Arousal states






The Psychobiology of Consciousness is a continuous energy, experiential state of neurogenesis in the dynamics of Self-Reflection and co-creation of Self (Psychosocial Genomics), which is a combination of:

  1. Chronobiology (Clock Genes)
  2. Behavioral State-Related Gene Expression (Arousal)
  3. Activity-Dependent Gene Expression and Neurogenesis (enhanced by novelty, environmental enrichment, vivid conscious experience, and voluntary physical exercise (play) ) and,
  4. Immediate Early Gene Arousal (within seconds to a minute or two)

Here we find that the Psychobiology of Consciousness is largely the intersection of these, especially numbers 2, 3, and 4.


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Epigenetic Expression

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Endo-Biontic Pleomorphix

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Life Colloid Proto-Cells

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Quantum Health

The Newtonian Worldview perceives systems as tending toward entropy (disintegration), less coherent over time and eventually falling apart. Traditional Western Medicine has been dominated by this thinking: which is causal and linear, emphasizing individuals rather than how systems relate to the organism as a whole.

Quantum Systems (beginning with Albert Einstein’s Relativiey) show that particles cannot be separated from the Whole because their behavior is conditioned by the relationship with that Whole (the Entire Universe): particles and their surrounding space are one and the same –a continuous field of interaction. In such a worldview, systems become more coherent and organized over time (see Vanini and de Corpo).

Matter and Light exhibit both particle and field characteristics and are thus multidimensional, non-linear systems (Complex), where the whole system moves together in Harmonic Resonance. This movement is Complementary (see raum/geigenraum and Ether). Harmonic Resonance is the System’s baseline.

Antoine Bechamp (in 1870) used a darkfield microscope to examine blood in its live state, observing micro-organisms that helped to decompose the host organism and create a new one, rather than dying along with it. The micro-organism was pleomorphic (has multiple forms).

He concluded that this single life-unit creates our physical body and named it ‘microzyma’, believing it to be the fundamental organism that creates all others.

By 1938,1947, and the 1950’s (various) more scientists were describing such fundamental entities including: ‘mychit’, ‘bion’, ‘progenitor cryptocide’ and ‘somatid’. All identified a single basic entity, possessing pleomorphic characteristics; working in Harmony with the organism and not confrontational (see Eucharistic Epiclesis, Koinonia and Agape Love).

We are a collection of symbiotic relationships. Our partner in Life is called the ‘Endobiont’ (ontos=Being; thus ‘Internal Life Being’) and originates from the Plant Kingdom. (see Root Stem/leaf, and flower: the upside down plant).

The Endobiontic Entity is a single living organism that humans acquire in utero and harbor in their cells and body fluids throughout life. Endobionts live in sperm and egg cells (cf. Bardon’s Akasha) and are required for creation and maintenance of the human organism.. Its pleomorphism affords our body a symbiotic relationship with internal and external environments as a harmonious whole.

The metabolic waste products of the Endobiont can cause disease and degenerate tissues.

Jubbs asserts that living matter proceeds from the proton dense nucleus outward toward the less constricted spaciousness of the (photon-loving) electron, and then outward into photonic light.

Fungi, bacteria and other unfriendlies are Endobionts transformed by dysbiosis (Imbalance). Endobiont merges with Higher Subtle Body Attractors to renew and regenerate its non-pathogenic state. Our body is a Complex System with multiples of Systemic Attractors.

Health & Wellbeing


Genetic expression varies constantly (psychobiology, which see) with our individual molecular environment (community) and our moods and attitudes toward the world around us. DNA effectiveness is optimized by willful self-confidence and appropriate nutrient and lifestyle choices (see [L]).

In a friendly, mineral buffered, alkaline, oxygen and electron energy-rich inner environment (community), DNA is fully functional.

  • When that inner environment becomes nutritionally degraded and de-energized, we lose our confident mental grip on life and forfeit genetic self-control. Acidity grows, oxygen is scarce and electrons are quickly consumed. Any disease can manifest under those stagnating backwater conditions. Acidic oxidative stress is the source, cause, and common denominator in human disease and the destruction of Earth’s biosphere.
  • Hormone and enzyme production wanes; communication gets waylaid as radicals attack the messengers causing biochemistry to grow erratic
  • Deteriorating conditions allow oxidation as rusting junk (oxidizing) builds up and disables the interfaces.
  • Epigenetic expression becomes turned off, rusting and becoming non-expressive
  • As acidity grows, we run short of electrons and oxygen, voltage drops, inflammation flares and normal functions shut down.
  • Beneficial microbe populations shift wildly (see Endobiontic dysbiosis)

Redox Terrain: the Inner Ocean

The struggle on this living planet has always been (and will continue to be) oxygen and acids versus solar-generated electrons. Simply by living in an oxygen atmosphere, we rust and burn up; or resist with cooling energized electrons.

Instead of putting out every fire, it is more efficient to improve the soil. It is smarter to correct the Inner Ocean, the wet soil that is our body. Without correcting the patient’s molecular inventories and mental landscapes to address the source of disease, any remission will be transitory.

The Microbial Burden seen in older adults is the result of asymmetric chirality of the Endobiont’s and colloidality expressed over lifetimes of accumulated wisdom (in this case, contexts or environmental meta-experience). It is actually a colonization via Endobiontic Consciousness; fully prepared for multidimensional adaptation to self-multiple collectivity, as we engage in Quantum Sociology of the Noosphere through Broadband wave-guides in the atmospheric passbands driven by Chalabi-Yau superimposed on Planck Holospherics. The capillary antennae broadcast and receive for the holonomic blood network and  infrared plasma wave of collective consciousness.



Holonomic Psychobiology