DNA and the Environment


There has been a lot said lately about epigenetics; I have mentioned it myself (here, and here). But the recent excitement about epigenetics does not really go nearly far enough.

You see, the amino acids have a very special relationship to the  64 based DNA codon; and to the minerals of our planet, the Earth and so likewise to the Earth-based chemistry found on our planet.

What exactly does this mean?

Well, perhaps it is some kind of Quantum non-locality, or perhaps it is some kind of Resonance phenomena but at some point in time, all the gaseous molecules of the Planetary Atmosphere became Entangled and they are interrelated via their Resonance with one another. All of them. It is as if there were just one Great Molecule of Atmosphere.

This situation then, extends down into the Earth as well; down into the soil, deep into Wood; down into the minerals of the Lithosphere; affecting the Resonance of everything on this great planet.

The proteins themselves, being perhaps the most entangled part of it all, are all wrapped up with this inner Resonance. They respond epigenetically to everything in the environment and everything in the environment responds to the dynamic resonance of vitalistic protein.

Some vital force emanating from the living radiates forth into the environment and enlivens everything within a certain sphere of influence (perhaps even farther). There is even some evidence that the influence is infinite and resonates without boundary. Of course this is where the Quantum non-locality part comes in.

This is just a simple truth but it becomes all the more profound if we take into account such factors as biophotonic emission, tachyon energy, and graviton cohesion. With these factored in, the living vitality becomes an astonishing projective force of Radiative life energy.

If we had only asked the Earth or stopped to listen to our Environmental Consciousness these things would not be astonishing at all; we are all the more astonished simply because we are the last to know.

What might this mean?

It means that the microbes present in the soil around us are in resonance with the enteric flora of our intestinal gardens. It means that through the photosynthetic incorporation of stellar forces, the Constellations really do play a role in the archetypal information which guides our destiny from the future, leading us forward in the present. It means that the harmonic overtone series of a healthy biome actively structures the water in our cells like a masterfully conducted symphony. It means that with every breath we are recapitulating the entire history of Earth in profound anamnesis. It means these things and thousands more because we are shining, vibrating, multiple world pluralities becoming into existence thousands of times a second for long, long centuries of process-relational spacetime networks. And we are unitarily social.