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Socialize and Create something special with like-minded people. Building Community is the foremost way to engage your clientele. Everybody has an interest or specialty to share and together we make a strong organization. The hive mind concept has proven to be overwhelmingly strong and successful versus the old predict and command structures of dinosaur organizations from the 1950’s. The modern mindset is no longer conducive to those outmoded relics and those that are left are quickly going out of business.


Entrepreneural Leadership

Helping to build a leadership context for the New Economy entrepreneur. Change is rapid and Dynamic; our Future is Emergent and Complex. Small Business evolution already favors the Interconnected Hyperbeing. There is no Truth without Meaning and your Subjective Narrative is the Connectome of Social Health and Environmental Wellbeing. Far more than Personal Branding is our Dialogue of Collective Frameworks and Networked Community Activism.

A Sweeping Panorama

Socioscopic Televiewer

It is often with a sense of irony that we see oblivious pedestrians lost in their smart phones or youngsters at the schoolyard texting one another but not interacting face to face.

It is easy to lose sight of the fact that we are peering into that tiny little screen to get a picture of a larger, more connected world. These are the telescopes of the modern world giving us a glimpse into life on distant planes.

Everybody wants in on Social Network media nowadays but not everybody has mastered Social Protocol. Being obnoxious in the electronic network is bad for business and personal branding.

Social Network mastery is crucial to success in the contemporary arena, whether it’s for conventional business or  in pioneering the new-enterprise of the free-agent journeyman.

Personal Desktop Globality

We live in marvelous times where entire publishing companies are run inexpensively from a portable laptop computer.

In this age of avatars and personal branding, there is no limit to the personal agency of success in the social domain. Books are written and published, stores are administrated and global supply chains are enacted right from the fingertips through the personal computer.

And more: the expansion of ideas and innovation are readily spread through blogging and memetics. Every conceivable manner of information is aggregated and available for free.

This gives every individual citizen the opportunity to become a thought-leader in her own domain; to the betterment of our whole society.

Be the consolidated personality behind your own syndicated publishing network.

Aiki Principles

Aiki Principles are Universal and Harmonious. Aikido is the Way of Aiki.

The Aiki Way was originally intended to remove barriers that prevent harmonic cooperation in humanity but even at that, in the early days there was disharmony. 

But I have seen much happening lately in the way of healing; old resentments and divisions are being healed and previous sectarians are coming together as allies.

This is much needed too. If you look around at politics and society these days, you will see much antagonistic polarization. Rude behavior is a social epidemic.

There are Chronicles from the History of Aikido as well as Dojos from the Original Lineage. It is satisfying to know of these things.

MindSpace Conferencing

Access to the Noosphere is an exemplary feature of the Collective Egregors in the New Dimension. We are there. Activate your Downloads now.

Meeting Room

Connectivity is the new now. Be there! Connect to VIPs and Thought-Leaders and become one with the Process. Make your Appointment now.

Society and Social Networks are the Future. Be sure to check out the New Ontological Sociology now


In the ancient Greek City-State, there were those whose civic responsibility lay in hosting genial diplomatics with outside agencies. This was for the purpose of facilitating benevolence and productive exchange between the ‘hometown’ and the outside world.

These agents of benevolent exchange were known as the proxenoi (pro, meaning ‘for’, and xeno meaning ‘others’, plus a little ‘oi’ on the end to pluralize ‘folks who something’…) and were generally well-respected and considered essential to social well-being.

How different it is in today’s political climate where we overtly abuse and disrespect our international neighbors; seeking to overthrow governments and wreak misery upon their people. It is the antithesis of goodwill and international fellowship.

This has carry-over effects on our own society where we begin to treat even our own citizens as undeserving. Once habituated to closing the door on humanity, we suffer collective ‘hardening of the arteries’ and ‘heart disease’ becomes a national epidemic.

The early history of our nation relied heavily upon robust international participation. Proxenoi is as American as Fireworks (Chinese) and Liberty (French Revolution). Of course we export plenty of positive innovation, too!

Think about it: exchange and interaction are the mechanical essentials of business and a prosperous economy. Peace and international diplomacy are the true keys to wealth and prosperity.


Nothing gets you good press and attendance like an event. Large or small, events are promotable and leave a long tail. Our events specialist, Musico stands ready 24-7 to provide your itinerary with quality sizzle plus experienced PR and promotion. Long after the event is over, the write-ups keep advertising and working for you!

Art by Design

Website Design combined with Art and Narrative. Combining mixed media (Fine Arts, Digital Arts, Avant Garde, etc.) for something unique and special.

Bouyante Web-Launcher

Exciting Web Design geared toward launching your site with eye-catching colors and a modern interface.
Establishes a Bold Presence in a Modernistic style.

Conscious Vitality

An Anthology of Health and Food Topics for Vitality and Health.


Social Action, Political Action, Environmental Activism, and Peace Advocacy

Political Campaign

Whether your political action campaign needs an event to draw press or a town hall type get-together, an exciting and serious web presence says "this is a professional organization"

Scientific Kiosk

The New Science is a completely different world from the Science they taught the sputnik generation.


Your Portal to Social Theory and beyond

Community Services

Need someone to talk things over with? Maybe you know someone with substance use issues in their family. If we cannot help you directly, we will help you to get help.

Engage Systems

News Ideas in Social Systems and Engagement with the Social Milieu...


Environmental Health is extremely important and of growing concern...

Ontological Sociology

Articles related to the New Social Theory for today's Complex world...

Social Features

Guitar Lessons

Caswell Guitar Studio brings you the best guitar lessons you can get, anywhere in the world.

Biodynamic Ecosystems

Biodynamic ecosystems are a partnership between the Individual (organism) and the Community. A great example is the dynamic relationship between the soil and the roots.


How did this strange expression come to be and what in the world does it mean?

Pixel Hat's Portfolio

Pixel's Mulberry Tree at the Park (Pop Goes the Weasel); Archetypal Vision; The April Tornado Story; and The Journey Begins (Happy Birthday).

Health & Vitality

All kinds of Healthy things from Spiritual Alchemy to Massage Therapy; Meditation; oils and herbs; information: you name it!

Yxyryu Aikido

…dedicated to the art of peace and antithetical to enemy-consciousness

Estate Management

In our experience, most owners who are sitting on taxable properties are not earning the full value of its potential earnings

Blackwell's Grove Horticulture & Nursery

Definitely an on-going project. Let's call it a work in progress.

Blackwell's Sanctuary

A special place that, having risen from the ashes several times, now serves as Home to a Teaching Practice, a Publishing Outfit, a small Music Studio, and a Wildlife Conservation Preserve.

Social Activism

Your Community needs you (and you will be healthier and fare better as a result). Get things moving!

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Traction for your Political Aspirations. Make a difference now!

Activism Now!

Social, Political, Economic, Environmental Activism and Ecology Now!

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