Sociology 10-01


Explore the world of Sociological Concepts. The Future is Social and You are the Agent.

Your Brand can be the Ontological Strange Attractor of the New Social Future. Be Social. Be Ontological.

Battle of Structures



Sociology is considered naïve and easily manipulated by the villainous. Suppose this were true about your Mother. How would you react to such a statement? Would you sally forth to her defense or would you see it as an opportunity? How does Sociology relate to Karma? 

The Truth is Sociology is Alive. There was a time when sociologists reified sociometrics: statistics and deviations from the mean. More and more we are finding that Sociology is better described as nested non-linear systems, or as a meta-system of Complex Adaptive Systems. This still leaves room for dyads and such for they are Holons. Even the individual Agent is a series of Complex Adaptive Systems, all of which are Holarchic.

In all ways the Agent and the Institutions of society are co-adaptively partnered in the vibratory web of mutually generative dancing. And above it all the nested Complexity of interwoven Process Minds: ever ascending Holarchies of Collective Panpsychisms.

Beneath these beat individually attuned Quantum Hearts; non-local and entangled in the Implicate Protennoia.

This is your landing-page console for all things Sociological. Your induction into the Sociospheric syndication portal.

Applied Sociology

We specialize in Complex Adaptive Networks and the Social Welfare Agency is no exception. There are certain definable trends that are current in Agency dynamics and this is the site to keep up with the major changes and stay in the know regarding our future.

The prize-winning Community House is a model Facility, representing our most complete and extensive elaboration to date, of our Advanced Platform for Community Engagement, Leadership Excellence, and Infinite Growth & Replicability, that can bring you to ultimate Dominance of your domain and municipality.

We are heavily involved in the Peace Movement and although we are not currently involved in conflict, Activism is a good way of keeping the Peace.

We are full fledged Activist and our console for Action and Change is Activism Now!

Political Action is the way Democratic Nations make changes and get things done for the better. The New Business recognizes Political Stewardship.

Social Activism and Economic Activism are likely the two things that are close to home. There are forces at work with heavy interest in eroding the People’s gains in this domain