Provides a European experience with cafe’s, coffee shops, and gathering spots with greater population density and a genteel urban flair. Winding walkways, shade trees, waterfront parks and enclaves with outdoor seating.


Blackwell Community

Townhouse Village

Traditional Garden Cottage

Garden Homes surrounded by landscaped environments conducive to ornamental horticulture and perennial seasons. Generous access to Organic Commons where shared tillage becomes the Community food chain. Adjacent to trails and greenways for healthy activities.

Modular Ecology

Business & Learning Center

The Business and Learning Center is designed to stimulate collaboration within the community for brand-building and synergistic eCommerce. Syndication of community publishing is facilitated and recruiting exhibits mutual co-efficiency. Office commons and conference rooms are continuously available and everywhere there are ample high-speed fiber optic connections for wifi, ethernet, VPNs, and video conferencing. Formal business training will take place for community members, as facilitators become trained in establishing their community outreach, brand-building and organizational recruitment. This is where group, family and membership commerce grows and consolidated its influence. Professional branding, Excellence, and Leadership context are nurtured here.

Education for the Future, that takes learning and education as far as possible. Intensive as well as serene learning environments are available, with packages offered on a sliding scale to suit every budget, especially for teaching interns. Bright classrooms and spacious environments will be in high demand as educators look to cut down on the commute of students and the noise pollution of public education. Future home of the award-winning Blackwell School.

Town Hall Library

Blackwell Community is designed with community engagement in mind so our Town Hall holds a place of central importance. In addition to the nuts and bolts of running our own affairs, community action is our pride and joy. The Town hall has conference rooms, office commons, and facilities for a small auditorium (suitable for arts and cultural performances). Many of our Community Engagement Initiatives will originate in these common spaces.

The Library section will be an open membership facility that provides access to ebook subscriptions and professional journals as well as periodicals and assistive reference desk services. Being a complex advanced facility, the chief purpose does not lie in physical ‘analog’ books but in becoming a collaborative center for human capital, community archive (charts, genealogies, survey cadastral plats, etc.) and AI assisted Research hub.