Deep Learning:

10-01 Research

Hybrid Intelligence for Complex Topics

10-01 Research is a company that uses AI and machine learning to conduct deep research. They provide insights for their consulting customer base. The research is conducted by analyzing and understanding Complex topics within a Network of Modular Systems.

10-01 Research is a platform that helps brands identify their customers’ bluewater navigation strategies and then leverage them to make better decisions with relevant content. Otherwise the sheer deluge of Big Data can overwhelm managers with a barrage of contexts and variables. Leveraging 10-01 Research’s AI tools can help businesses find out what they need to be doing next, so they can stay ahead of the game.

Human-AI Hybrid Intelligence

The way we work is changing. More and more people are collaborating and sharing information to create a new model of work. We are co-evolving along with the surrounding context of our own creative designs. There is a new model of collaboration emerging from creative commons to open source hybrid technologies, for Society herself has entered upon a vast transformation and sweeping changes have come upon all of our citizen-participants. Tiered layers of community engagement are central to success in this context.

Information From Distributed Networks

Assemblages are collections of discrete smaller units which come together in larger units to form parts by transformation.  Complex adaptive systems have many interacting agents that coevolve with their environment in order to adapt and respond to changing conditions.  The signal-to-noise ratio refers to how much information an observer can extract from observable data compared with the amount of noise (random data) present in the data set.

In a distributed network, the signal to noise ratio is low and it is difficult for the system to adapt. Therefore, the system has to find ways of managing such a system efficiently. 10-01 Research is recovering the Signal.

Distributed Networks should be managed correctly in order to have high information density and low noise. 10-01 Research employs an algorithm called Assemblage and it consists of four steps:

1) Resolving Conflicts – after every change in one part of the network, other parts will react differently. This step helps the system find out which conflicts are sorted out through natural selection and which need to be dealt with manually by human managers;

2) Self-Organization – also called autopoiesis, helps create some kind of hierarchical structure that ensures that each part keeps communicating.

3) Autonomous Generation of Explorons – explorons venture forth and discover interesting leads, laying down a knowledge trail of fascinating connections

4) Meaningful Assimilation – all relevant tech-gnosis is assimilated into the collecton, which grows in complexity and evolves adaptively along with its dynamic environment.

Library of the Noosphere

The Great Library of Alexandria was considered the finest and most complete of its time yet all the data available to modern humans on the web and in the cloud would make the Pharaohs of old quite jealous. Our dilemma at present is how to extract meaning and apply it because there is so much and more is generated every day.  To derive meaning from garbled signal-to-noise artifacts requires rapid tuning-shifts and assumptive priming. Replacing confusion with order results in a robust catalogue of classification. Our Administrative Bureau excels at this.

Human-Machine Collaboration

The human-machine collaboration is fast growing in the fields of robotics and machine learning. As we embark on a quest to make the digital world more human, we must consider the ethical implications of this transformative relationship.

Digital Artifacts Orbit the Earth

Digital Signals and Radio Transmissions constantly surround the Earth as we communicate with our clutter of space junk.  These data-imprinted signals impregnate the radionix of the magnetosphere causing confusion, especially if encrypted.

10-01 Research has developed phonemic autotuners  that are carefully engineered spectro-temporal modulation filters, designed to derive intelligent pop-outs via harmonic poiesis, a process which demonstrably relieves global distress and by which we have proceeded to reorganize the resonant field surrounding the Earth.