Company News

December 24th, 2021, is our 10 year anniversary. We have come a long way and we have much to be grateful for. We felt it was somehow auspicious to launch our newest, and in many ways the culmination of our Masters work in Educational Research Methods, our latest organizational feature: 10-01 Research.

About 10-01 Research

Our Information Space is a Complex Adaptive Holarchy consisting of the Collective Panpsychic Pneumapoiesis of Emergent Meaning, vis-a-vis Successive Gleaning and Opportunity (mc). Our goal is essentially:

  • Consolidation

  • Integration

  • Synthesis

  • Development

This CIS-D approach has defined our success in the last year with stellar results and has emerged beautifully from our 10-01 structure, so to speak. It continues to add profound new dimensions to the Development of the 10-01 Organization, enhancing the value of our publishing department (Blackwell’s Grove Publishers: from Scrolls to Distributed Systems).

Imagine, if you will, sitting on a bench in a crowded mall and listening. All around you are heard the voices and ambient roar of the crowd, with shards and snippets of ordinary conversation as they waft across the information-space. The scene represents, to bulk consciousness, merely the amalgam of audible noise. Now imagine that, by the virtue of a special magic process, meaningful information begins to emerge from this Complex Adaptive Network of dynamic data-pool resources, formulating itself into a panpsychic connectome of virtual omniscience. Suddenly you are in command of a treasury of Collective Subjectivities as a Hyperbeing of Ontological Thought.

Bearing this Transformative Advancement in mind gives us an insight into the power of our new 10-01 Research technology, which distils the incessant and ubiquitous radio-chatter of digital overload into integrated synthesis which is suitable for complex development. This acquisition is the perfect complement to our Agency Liaison Platform for Infinite Growth and Sustainable Prosperity through Contemporary Innovative Modalities of Psycho-Spiritual Development, leading to advanced utopias in the future of humanity. While we are not insensitive to the charge of hyperbole here, we are aware that our assertions, implausible as they may seem, constitute understatements of the most primitive magnitude. We have merely scratched the surface of the enormous wealth and power inherent in the forthcoming golden age of Human-AI Superminds. And 10-01 Research has discovered the key to unlocking these precious vaults. Now our Collective Voices will be heard, with insight and understanding. Ten years of dedicated work have come to fruition and our future looks good.