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…dedicated to the art of peace and antithetical to enemy-consciousness

dedicated to the art of peace

welcome to yxyryu aikido

Yxyryu Aikido has relocated to the Yoga and Wellness Center at 2000-C Westover Drive, in Danville VA. I cannot say enough good things about this place: it is refreshingly clean and Spiritual. We certainly appreciate being there and a quick survey of their activities calendar may convince you to try a few classes there yourself; whether they be in Yoga, Meditation, hooping, Tai Chi, or Aikido.

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About Us

Yxyryu Aikido is from an Ancient and Prestigious lineage which harbors a Secret Level of Teaching passed down through Direct Succession, Master to Student. This Lineage includes the first Aikido dojo ever opened in the Continental United States.

 Aikido is antithetical to enemy-consciousness and dedicated to the Art of Peace.


Our Vision

The Old Masters were aware that our thoughts attract situations that manifest in our daily lives. If we constantly practice inner visions of violence and conflict, then we are just as well praying to be attacked.

Every budoka will focus intently while learning her art. While envisioning her attackers, she brings the context into her life. Aikido is antithetical to enemy consciousness.

Our Mission

Our mission is simply to pass the secrets of our lineage down to the next generations of aikidoka. If we can do this and develop excellent character while still having fun, then we feel we have success.

We are dedicated to the Art of Peace.


yxyryu aikido

2000-C Westover Drive, Danville VA


Piedmont North Carolina, Southside Virginia