Bureau Offices

Virtual tables and chairs have been said to have many benefits for organizations, from the improvement of collaboration to encouraging a healthier work environment. In theory, the daydreaming CEO envisioned by the university-based innovation center would get an update to this notion at their next meeting where a holographic simulation would offer seating arrangements to promote effective collaboration.

Small Meeting Room

A global coffee company holds conference calls on worldwide issues with high-level decision makers giving updates of situations that range from child workers in strawberry fields to refugees camping on the streets of Macedonia. The chief executive, aware of the issue of remote involvement, facilitates the discussions via holographic simulations. There was unanimous disapproval for Syrian refugees coming into EU shores under proposed guidelines by governments for redistribution versus opposition refugee quotas that lacked conviction to be engaged in.

The significance was that it provided a high level meeting experience that fought against discontentment in continued collaborations, thus addressing topics with an open collaboration mindset.

Bureau Avatara

Reception/ Manager

Bureau Chief

Team Agents

The Chief Executive’s Hologram had an open database of imagination and hoped for Professor Aggie, a member of the research team, to calculate a valid pairing for this particular trade show that could bring the CEO’s company closer towards its goal of becoming one of New York City’s newest real estate moguls.

In order for these simulations to work effectively, Professer Aggie needs to develop algorithms that compliment each individual CEO mathematically sorting them based on shared traits such as determination and/or strength. Her team will help her do so but ultimately it is up to her discovery of yet-unknown traits in the right pairing in order