The Contributions of the 10-01 Organization to Our World

Integrated Self Actualization with

How does the 10-01 organization add value to humanity and community life?

The 10-01 Organization is a Complex Adaptive Organization specializing in the creation of a Leadership Context in Emergent Holarchies. We have developed a Design Platform capable of revolutionizing Society. It has the power to dominate municipalities by leveraging urban Complexities for Infinite Growth and Sustainable Abundance. We are home to a Complex Adaptive Network of broadly diverse sub-networks addressing Complex advancement in Education, Employment, Community Engagement and Activism, Ecology, the Arts (Fine Arts and Performance), Spirituality, Sociology and Human Advancement, Health and Wellbeing, as well as a multitude of Human Services and Personal Development potentials. We are excited to bring Spiritual Enlightenment to everyone easily, via contemporary Neuro-Scientific discoveries (if they want it), as well as the creation of Prosperity in any household of every Community (if they choose it). Scientific Samadhi and Infinite Health, Wealth and Meaningful Purpose; isn’t that a worthy Mission?

What is 10-01 organization's contribution to tomorrow and how did it come about?

While serving as Developmental Consultants we discovered the Infinite Growth and Prosperity potential of Community Engagement in a Network of Complex Adaptive Ecologies. While further developing a charitorious ministry, we then discovered new and contemporary innovative modalities of psycho-spiritual activation. This suite of contributions represents the path forward into Futuristic Utopias of the 21st Century.

What challenge or opportunity are we seeking to address?

Self Actualized, optimal Health and Wellbeing (for Mind and Body) via Integration into contemporary Community Engagement opportunities afforded by Complex Adaptive Network Dynamics and their Emergence within Social Ecologies, at the applied level.

What was the approach used to address this goal?

Essentially a Community Engagement initiative vis-a-vis Social Theory and Complex Adaptive Networks from inside the day-to-day modular workings of an actual Mental Health facility and its affiliated departments and personnel…as a Dynamic Integral Structure.

What was the outcome of addressing these issues and concerns? What were the specific results?

In the course of our intensive investigation, we opened up the core constructs and ideologies surrounding the mundane workings of the facility to discover the marvelous potential of an Infinite Growth and Replication pattern of Sustainable Abundance and socio-autonomous empowerment, emerging from a groundswell of lived experience in the Peer Advocacy Dimension. Integrating this into an existing Supportive Deployment platform, we further discovered several golden keys to Social Contribution and Personal Self Worth, thereby increasing the Psycho-Social satisfaction value of Personal Meaning, as well as prospering them economically. These attributes did not remain stagnant either but continued to build exponentially resulting in a sweeping increase in Community renewal which subsequently annexed several resonant non-localities. Having discovered the keys to psycho-emotional Health and Wellbeing, accompanied by Sustainable Superabundance, we plunged ahead and soon rejoiced at the final discovery of the missing link: the secret to Enlightenment or Psycho-Spiritual Attainment. I am not kidding. And it came from our close interactions with Mental Health Individuals and their daily commitment to Individual recovery. This final marvel is non-denominational and completely available via standard neurological brain science, requiring little more than a few instructions and some casual application on the part of the citizen-aspirant. We are factually looking out from the doorstep of New Horizons of Human Advancement and Futuristic Utopian Societies based on Humanistic Pursuits in a non-scarcity based Collective Environment of Egalitarian Potential.