Building the Platform

We want to build a sustainable superabundance platform to help our clients achieve their goals. We want to provide them with the best tools and resources available today, in order to grow their business and reach new heights in personal growth and community integration. And we want to advocate for the entire community and honor the dignity of all members.

For this, a Sustainable Superabundance Platform should be easily scalable, built to grow and make money in the process. The platform should make money while meeting needs of all stakeholders. The Platform should generate a non-scarcity based economy where there is enough for everyone, without need to scrimp or sacrifice necessities. And the Platform should be relevant to all social, cultural and economic engines that drive the underlying infrastructure of society.

The first Tier consists of Contemporary Digital Media as a platform that spans the best of both worlds: bringing the Future into focus for today’s needs. The platform is built on the foundation of content and technology, which includes the new media and digital advertising tools. The content-oriented modules include Personal Branding, Self-Advocacy, Individual Marketing, Creative Entrepreneurs, Mentor Sponsorship, Lifestyle and Fashion. The Technology-oriented modules include a Digital Advertising Module, Pitch Deck structuring, Learning Management Systems (LMS), and a broad knowledge of networked opportunity fundamentals.

In the second Tier, Contemporary Consulting modules refine the primary architecture as a platform that provides an innovative approach to sustainable Superabundance in the Digital Age in the form of Training Modules and a Supportive Placement Concierge; an abundance of resources and information, development of products and services that meet consumer needs for all ranges of socioeconomic inclusivity. At all levels, the goal is steady augmentation of marketable skillsets combined with positive experiences.

Here’s more on the goal of SEP (Supportive Employment); Recruiting, Training plus Placement: we provide young people with jobs (training and placement) in an ever changing world where new jobs are generated by new skillsets via creative synergy and community engagement. Lastly, peer advocacy seeks to bring collaborative satisfaction to the local business owner as a social contributor who is honoring the dignity of his customers and employees through peer advocacy and social media initiatives.

The platform is built to address the following:

  1. -First, contemporary digital media, including social media and video content to engage audiences.

  2. -Then, build in the consulting modules (including SEP and Training plus Placement) to help people find meaningful careers.

  3. -Third, make sure that there is an online marketplace for jobs.

  4. -Finally, engage the interactive community networks that support fully integrated citizen satisfaction in well-functioning contemporaneous expressions.