Why Cultivate a Digital Media Presence?

Digital Media is crucial to reaching our audience: it enables us to reach new members and to engage existing members. Without this we are not looking toward sustainability. Word of mouth recommendation now takes place on the internet. If it is not taking place on the internet, then it is largely out of reach. Digital media then, allows us to reach our members and it allows them to reach us.

The key question becomes: do we have a strong and effective web presence? To address this, we should be bold in why our agency came to exist; what is our ultimate purpose? Is this purpose clearly expressed on the internet?

The importance of a compelling purpose cannot be overstressed. The overall digital presence of an agency is greater than just social media. It concerns public reputation. Haphazard and irresponsible messaging can work toward our detriment worse than no message at all. However, lack of message appears weak and cowardly. Online branding is crucial and it is essential to spend the time and resources to get this part right. The public has greater respect for reputation, character, and purpose than it does for timid milquetoast or un-motivated lumps. Excellence is largely a matter of conscious choice and action; fidelity to a worthy purpose.

Purpose is the essential in every mission. We have to keep coming back to and renewing our commitment in our Purpose. Purpose is what transforms a dreary, stress filled job into a meaningful pursuit. And our clients will get this intuitively. The public likes being associated with excellence and meaning. I do, don’t you? We need to make certain our Purpose is identified.

The old style marketing technologies were:

  • Radio and TV
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines and local Paper
  • Billboards
  • Coupons
  • Yellow Pages
  • Direct Mail marketing

The tipping point in modern complex media occurred in about 2009 and, although a minor case could be made that these still have an auxiliary role to play in support of the new media, contemporary technologies largely employ anything with a screen:

  • Websites
  • Videos
  • Emails
  • Apps
  • Smartphone/Tablet
  • Social Networks

With Social Networking, our clients become ambassadors for our brand of service. We can reach younger generations and by doing so, better address long-term sustainability. We can target niche markets and address population sectors more effectively and efficiently. We can get found better or promote a service more easily. We are more available to respond to inquiries, answer questions, and reply directly. We can easily scale and customize our services according to conditions and need. And we are far more visible to Professional Networks with whom we may easily forge strategic alliances. In short, we dramatically improve our services, responsiveness, presence and availability, quality and professionalism and public-facing visibility. This greatly enhances the relevance of our mission and strengthens our commitment to Excellence.